The LaFramboise Group

The LaFramboise Group is a leader in delivering proven web-based, branding, marketing and purchasing solutions guaranteed to save your company significant  time, money and , most important, peace of mind!

We are also a full service distributor ready to source any product your organization needs and manage the purchasing process from start to finish.

We'd love to meet you and help you choose the perfect solution!

See below for ways our web based solution will benefit your organization:

CUSTOMIZED, Easy-To-Use, One-Stop Shop

  • One-stop shopping experience built specifically for your organization’s needs.
  • Complete control and transparency to what your locations are ordering.  
  • Work closely with our production team to set product offering and advantageous pricing prior to launch
  • Single dedicated team to keep track of all your programs and purchases.
  • No training necessary to make purchasing simple.  Intuitive user experience for easy ordering and reordering…just login, search, and buy what you need and get back to your regular responsibilities.
  • No more phoning or faxing orders. No need to take the time to create multiple purchase orders for multiple vendors. No more searching multiple websites looking for a new item. The LaFramboise Group will build a system that is your first source, your top source for everything you need.

Savings On Every Purchase. Every Day.

  • Pre-negotiated national account pricing with market-leading suppliers.
  • Save over 50% with exclusive, cost-saving Consolidator Programs – scheduled ordering windows to consolidate the orders of multiple locations into a single bulk order then drop shipped to each individual location.
  • Pre-negotiated sale schedule for most popular items at most advantageous times of the year.
  • Take advantage of our fulfillment capabilities allowing locations to pull from inventory through your custom platform.

Make Your Buying Smarter

  • Streamline, standardize and automate purchasing across your organization through personalized user accounts.
  • Direct input on what products are offered and at what price.
  • Automate your pre-purchase approval process to control costs by eliminating rogue and unnecessary spending.
  • Eliminate unnecessary variation of pricing and product utilization across multiple suppliers, buyers and locations.
  • Take advantage of our CONSOLIDATOR function by scheduling specific ordering windows to allow multiple locations to consolidate individual orders to take advantage of bulk pricing.

Protect your brand and enhance your messaging with variable templates

 Utilize Variable Templates

  • Organize and distribute all your marketing materials easily in one centralized platform
  • Save time and money by eliminating the constant marketing asset revision cycle and save precious time that could be otherwise spent on revenue-generating activity.
  • Manage brand consistency with remote locations
  • Control your brand by housing, distributing, and updating your marketing assets at scale while keeping your brand consistent.
  • Localize and personalize by customizing your marketing collateral with seamless distribution.
  • Free up overwhelmed design teams and eliminate the bottle neck of custom design requests from numerous locations
  • Establish a Compliance Team to approve any customization prior to production

Execute Efficient and Impactful Cross Channel Marketing Campaigns

  • Execute multi-channel campaigns with distributed locations allowing for autonomy of individual location in regards to items and quantities ordered and select messaging while corporate remains in control of final order and brand consistency and compliance
  • Organizations can institute marketing strategies at the corporate level, drive them at a regional level and create from a local level 
  • Through Consolidator programs, The LaFramboise Group will consolidate the purchases of multiple locations into single print run – saving considerable time and significant money
  • Schedule a meeting and we will discuss your specific needs and detail your specific situation to show how much you can save!

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